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a certified peer support specialist! 

  • Do you want to help people? 
  • Would you like a rewarding career? 
  • Can you inspire others with your life experiences? 
  • Do you need PSS training to apply for NCCPSS Certification?

Do you Need Additional Training?

WRAP 20-hour training - $125 

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You will be taken to our secure online payment system to complete your registration.  Please view all application and registration instructions before making your payment. 

Please note: In order to be certified by the state of North Carolina, you are also required to complete an additional 20-hrs of training in a related field. Learn more now.  

Pay Online or by Mail 

After you register, you will receive an acceptance email with instructions to pay. You can pay online or by mail. All checks should be made payable to: VOICE Therapeutic Solutions and sent one week before your training starts. 

Please Note: We do not offer refunds, only placements in a future training class of equal value.  

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) Training: $125 


In addition to the 40-hr peer support specialist training, the state of North Carolina also requires you to successfully complete 20-hours of training in an area that will help the peer specialist understand the job and be successful with peers.​ ​​​​​​

For the convenience of our NC-H.O.P.E. registrants, we have partnered with A New Start While Empowering Recovery (A.N.S.W.E.R.), ​a Raleigh-based agency which provides Wellness Recovery Action Plan training which will help you prepare for NCCPSS Certification. ​Conducted by a facilitator from A.N.S.W.E.R., this 20-hour WRAP® training course is held every month in the North Raleigh area. ​Sign up now before classes fill up!  

​​2019 Dates

December 21st and 22nd

2020 Dates
January:  4th and 5th:   
                18th and 19th
February: 1st and 2nd
                 15th and 16th
March:     7th and 8th
                 21st and 2nd
April:         4th and 5th
                  18th and 19th
May:          2nd and 3rd
                  16th and 17th
June:         6th and 7th
                  20th and 21st
July:           11th and 12th
                   25th and 26th
August:       1st and 2nd
                    15th and 16th
September:  5th and 6th
                    19th and 20th
October:      3rd and 4th
                    17th and 18th
November:   7th and 8th
                     21st and 22nd
December: 5th and 6th
                    19th and 20th

For more information, visit answernc.com or call Mr. Elliot Palmer at 919-670-7738.​