Taking this training DOES NOT guarantee your state certification or employment. However, there are many job opportunities in the field of Peer Support. This training will provide you with the necessary training for these positions. Our trainers may suggest employment resources, but, they cannot assist with securing positions. 

Your Commitment to NC-H.O.P.E. 
To receive the certificate of completion, participants must be present and participate in all scheduled training dates. Participants who do not complete all 40 hours will not earn the certificate of completion, which is required for Peer Support Specialist Certification by the state of North Carolina. If you are unable to commit to all of the training hours, please consider a future training date. Reservations can only be guaranteed once the full payment is received.

Do you need help paying for training?

If you are seeking financial assistance, please contact one of the organizations below. You must be registered with these agencies before taking our NC-H.O.P.E. training. 

  • Your employer (if in a related field)
  • Governor's Institute on Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health Associations
  • Mental Health Agencies
  • NC Works
  • NCDHHS Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Durham County
  • Veterans Administration

Need special accommodations?
Let us know if you have any special needs prior to your scheduled training dates. Reasonable accommodations are made for all people during this training program. Reasonable accommodations are made for all program participants.

​​​Let NC-H.O.P.E. prepare you to become

a certified peer support specialist! 

  • Do you want to help people? 
  • Would you like a rewarding career? 
  • Can you inspire others with your life experiences? 
  • Do you need PSS training to apply for NCCPSS Certification?

Pay Online or by Mail 
After you register, you will receive an acceptance email with instructions to pay. You can pay online or by mail. All checks and online payments should be made payable to VOICE Therapeutic Solutions. We must RECEIVE the payment two weeks before your training starts. However, to qualify for an refund you must notify our office in writing at least 3 weeks before the scheduled training.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy follows the guidelines of the NCCPSS certification program as follows: A training participant will qualify for a refund if the following occur; 1. A class is cancelled in advance by the course owner. 2. A class cannot be completed by the training entity due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. weather event, sickness, etc.) 3. A training participant withdraws IN WRITING, at least three weeks before the first day of class; or other unforeseen extenuating circumstances 4. The NCCPSS Program requires refunds be issued and sent out to a training participants within ten business days of notice of withdrawal or class cancellation.

For Agencies 

Peer Support 40- Hour Training + 20-hour WRAP® Training Bundle |  $475

Costs and Registration

The NC-H.O.P.E. Peer Support Certification Training Program currently offers the following certification training. Read for more information about each class and to register. You will be taken to our secure online payment system to complete your registration. Please view all application and registration instructions before making your payment. 

Please note, classes will be canceled if the minimum number of 5 participants is not reached.

Adult CPR, First Aid, AED Training

Please note: The state of North Carolina also requires you to complete an additional 20-hrs of training in a related field to apply for NCCPSS certification. BUNDLE AND SAVE! For the convenience of our registrants, NC-H.O.P.E. has partnered with A.N.S.W.E.R. to offer 20-hr WRAP training. When you register here, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for WRAP dates.  

NC-H.O.P.E. is a dynamic training program that offers your agency’s team members an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of Peer Support. Offering the most elite compilation of resources, guidance, research, and best practices available today, our training presents this valuable knowledge in one program to ensure your team's success in applying for NC state certification and in the work of peer support. 

Our training staff collectively brings over 15 years of experience to the industry and emphasizes a learner-centered environment throughout the course. For agency-specific cohorts, NC-H.O.P.E. training ensures your team:

  • Continuity in training outcomes. 
  • Opportunities to build team cohesiveness and morale (through group activities and role plays).
  • The most elite compilation of resources, research, and best practices available today.
  • Discounted fees for group enrollment.

Whether you have 2 or 20 peer support specialists who need certification, please view our upcoming training dates in the Raleigh/Durham area and contact us today.

NC-H.O.P.E. is proud to be the official training vendors for NC Works, NCHHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Durham County, The Veteran's Administration and TROSA. 

In addition to the 40-hr peer support specialist training, the state of North Carolina also requires you to successfully complete 20-hours of training in an area that will help the peer specialist understand the job and be successful with peers.​ ​​​​​​​

For the convenience of our NC-H.O.P.E. registrants, we have partnered with A New Start While Empowering Recovery (A.N.S.W.E.R.), ​a Raleigh-based agency which provides Wellness Recovery Action Plan training which will help you prepare for NCCPSS Certification. ​Conducted by a facilitator from A.N.S.W.E.R., this 20-hour WRAP® training course is held every month in the North Raleigh area. ​Sign up now before classes fill up!  

More Information 

Certification Training Programs 

Peer Support 40- Hour Training | $365

Unlike any training you’ll ever attend, NC - H.O.P.E. Peer Support Specialist Certification Training Program is an empowering and engaging professional development opportunity designed to prepare individuals for the 'real' world of peer support. Provided by V.O.I.C.E. Therapeutic Solutions of Raleigh, a leader in the field of therapeutic interventions, solutions, and education, NC - H.O.P.E. is about Helping Our Peers Excel. The core of our training mission is hope; to impart optimism and positive outcomes in our own lives, the lives of our peers, and in the world at large. This week-long training is welcoming, supportive, safe, and fun. It allows our participants a creative space to learn, grow, and connect with one another. Offering the most elite compilation of resources, guidance, research, and best practices available today, our training presents this valuable knowledge in one program to ensure your success in the work of Peer Support.  

CPR/First Aid: CPR and First Aid is the initial care given to someone who is injured or becomes ill before advanced medical help arrives. These courses are designed to give participants the knowledge and skill needed to respond safely and effectively in an emergency. In this instructor led course, you will use a combination of video, workbook, lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice in order to become familiar with the course training materials and how to use them properly. 

NCI+: NCI+ is a prevention training that is designed for all people providing care to others. The course focuses on the development of communication skills, relationship building, skills needed to identify escalating behaviors, and content designed to teach people the importance of understanding those they support. 

The NC-H.O.P.E. Peer Support Specialist Certification Training Program is a 40-hour training curriculum approved by the state of North Carolina designed help you prepare and apply for NCCPSS Certification. The training program is open to all professional adults seeking to be certified by the state. Taking this training DOES NOT  guarantee your state certification or employment. However, once you complete our training, you will receive a valid NC-H.O.P.E. certificate showing that you successfully completed a Division-approved 40-hour Peer Support Specialist readiness training which can be used to apply for your state certificate and ultimately helps you gain employment as a CPSS. We recommend you meet ALL the criteria set forth by the state before taking our training. 

To learn more about the criteria to become certified by the state, visit The North Carolina Peer Support Specialist Program. 

20-Hour WRAP® Training | $125 

Important! Please read before you register! 

Please note: In order to be certified by the state of North Carolina, you are also required to complete an additional 20-hrs of training in a related field. Learn more now.