​​​Let NC-H.O.P.E. prepare you to become

a certified peer support specialist! 

  • Do you want to help people? 
  • Would you like a rewarding career? 
  • Can you inspire others with your life experiences? 
  • Do you need PSS training to apply for NCCPSS Certification?

Why Choose NC-H.O.P. E.? 

At NC-H.O.P.E., our graduates are equipped with: 

  • Ongoing support from our team before and after graduation
  • Assistance with the latest job announcements and placement
  • Coordination with hiring agencies 
  • Access to monthly CEU courses to maintain your certification
  • And much more...

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The Certification Process

Job Opportunities 

This easy to understand infographic shows the NCPSS certification process in a single page. Find out more out below. 

Please note: In order to be certified by the state of North Carolina, you are also required to complete an additional 20-hrs of training in a related field. Learn more now.