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Elliot Palmer, NCCPSS 
Elliot is a dedicated professional in the field of peer support with the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders and other mental health diagnoses. He is certified in peer support by the State of North Carolina and serves as a peer support training facilitator. Elliot is the founder and lead facilitator of A.N.S.W.E.R. (A New Start While Empowering Recovery) which provides W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) training. To date, he has trained hundreds of individuals in peer support and W.R.A.P. plan development, aiding in the promotion of wellness and education. His previous experience in office management highlights his leadership and expertise with interpersonal communication and organization, both required skills in peer support work. He has a commitment to helping others in their recovery efforts and has spent many years doing so, increasing his ability to assist individuals with acknowledging their strengths, identifying community resources, and implementing learned strategies to support health and wellness. He is also trained in housing assistance and other services necessary for assisting peers, in addition to being a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, and a consultant. Elliot’s experience demonstrates his passion for service and capacity to deliver high-quality education that will prepare individuals for work as a peer support specialist. 

​​Issac Blount, NCCPSS

Isaac A Blount Ill, is a Trained Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator, WRAP Facilitator, NC Certified Peer Support Specialist and an Entrepreneur. He is also a Husband and a father of three. He holds a Degree in Social Work from Shaw University and currently runs a Non-profit organization named Redirection CDC. He is Formerly justice-involved and has a passion to add value to others. Isaac was incarcerated in Federal Prison in 1997 for selling drugs leaving his wife at home to raise two young boys. While in prison he suffered from depression and separating anxiety because he had left his family behind and could not provide for them. Once released from prison he had to find employment to support his young family, while his wife supported her husband while dealing with him coming back to re-enter into the community with a label on his back called FELON. He eventually found work and went back to school to get his North Carolina Real Estate Brokers license, North Carolina Insurance License, as well as his degree in Social Work and is now currently working on his Master's Degree in Education. Isaac's life experience, as well as training experience, expresses his passion for service and aptitude to deliver high-quality education that will prepare individuals for work as a peer support specialist.

Latanya DuBois, NCCPSS

Latanya DuBois grew up in the Bronx NY, surrounded by graffiti, drugs and poverty. Her parents struggled with drug addiction and Latanya was left to take care of their mental health and emotional needs all on her own. Overwhelmed with frustration, she coped by fighting, skipping school, falling into abusive relationships and became more and more shut down. Feeling suicidal, angry, unworthy, and completely alone, Latanya tried to cope with counseling sessions, going to church, and leaning on friends. Feeling hopeless she, eventually, ran away from home at the age of 16. Right before her 18th birthday, she gave birth to her son who was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This was the turning point in her life, as she was determined to change the course of their lives for the better. Becoming his advocate launched her public speaking career. Now he is thriving and intelligent young man, aspiring to become a music producer.

​Latanya went back to school to get her bachelor's and Master's degrees and is now in the midst of her doctoral years. She started to work at a nonprofit agency in 1996 to give back. During this time, she used her story and her ability to understand others' pain to help them move towards success and positivity in their life. All of this had a huge impact on her own recovery towards inner peace. When she took on the role of group facilitator in 1999, she became more and more in touch with her gifts and talents. She eventually went moved on, working with several non-profits and took on multiple leadership roles. In 2008, she founded Eagle Eye Management, LLC., a full-service consulting and personal development training and coaching firm. She is also the founder of the Embrace Your Experience (E.Y.E.) Project which is a program that support individuals as they explore and overcome the barriers created when we do not allow ourselves to be all that we are so we can do all that we are called to do.

Latanya is a profound advocate for people living with disabilities, overcoming addiction and health disparities and women who have been battered or otherwise abused. It is her hope ·and intention to support those who want to live their highest calling in life and she is dedicated to using her many skills and talents to help them achieve their dreams.

Gertrude Teressa Rice, NCCPSS

​​I am a native of Cleveland Ohio. I was raised mostly by her grandparents, who strongly believed that you should follow the steps; finishing high school, attend college, get married and have a family. Well my life was not that way at all. My life order was much different. This caused me to develop anxiety. Once I got married and was unable to get pregnant, over time my anxiety and depression symptoms increased.

I went through a period of depression after a miscarriage which was most severe immediately after the pregnancy. I experienced feelings of sadness, emptiness or hopeless, being irritable, frustrated, loss of interest and enjoyment. These were some of the symptoms that plagued my day. I visited specialist and doctors as I continued to experience miscarriages. I visited my primary care doctor who gave me a word of advice; he said I was a strong person and he did not prescribe me any medication. I continued to struggle daily. I came to the realization that I may not be able to have a child. As time passed, I change my focus started exercising.

I started listening to others and reading others' stories about depression and attending a support group. During this time, I found out about foster care. My husband and I decided that we would look into foster care. After taking classes we fostered 3 little boys who were brothers. This helped me channel my focus off myself and think of others. This was the best feeling. It not only helped me through my depression, but it gave me a since of being needed and opportunity to give love to children who brought us so much joy.

In 2015, I started working in the field of Peer Support. I worked as a Peer Support Specialist, group facilitator and a W.R.A.P Facilitator. I have an extensive work experience in the mental health field, working with adults and children with mental health and substance use diagnosis. attended Cleveland Community College where I received an Associates Arts and Associates of Science degree in Early childhood and Psychology, and Gardner Webb University earning my degree in Human Services. Having worked as a Qualified Mental Health Professional, Adult/Child Protective Worker, Foster Care Parent and a foster Care Placement worker, I have gained a wealth of knowledge of community resources and helping community agencies. I have a passion for seeing individuals growing into their best life. She is the owner of Focused Care Inc. (Where HEALING, TEACHING & DISCOVERY COME TOGETHER) which provides Therapy and Peer Support Services. My heart's desire is to see my peers discover their best life.

Please note: In order to be certified by the state of North Carolina, you are also required to complete an additional 20-hrs of training in a related field. Learn more now.  

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